ZyXEL 1910-24 password pitfall

Just swapped my old lab switch, a LevelOne GSW-1676, for a ZyXEL GS1910-24. Really nice piece of hardware, fanless, snappy GUI, good VLAN management, lots of features, including IPv6 support. And cheap, so basically I’m very satisfied.
Until I changed the default admin password. Of course a long phrase with some special characters. Including a colon, which the GUI let me do without any complaint. But this locked me out of the switch.
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The home lab

I suppose most of the virtualization blogs will include the description of the author’s test & lab gear, so I’ll start with that. 😉

I decided not to virtualize the lab itself, but to use real equipment. Yep, it’s possible to build an all-in-one setup with a standard PC and VMware Workstation. But you’re not able to try out the pros and cons of different network setups and configurations or reproduce problems of customer environments. A high performance PC with lots of RAM would even have been more expensive at that time – I built my home lab in early 2011, so please keep in mind that it is 2 year old stuff. So, here’s the list.

Two ESXi hosts:
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T E0 (6 x 2.8 GHz) on Asus M4A88T-M mainboard with 24 GB RAM DDR3-1333. One HP NC360T Intel-based dual port NIC, one Intel Gigabit CT Desktop NIC, together with the onboard Realtek a total of 4 NICs. I got the HP NICs from eBay where you still can find them (or even genuine Intel dual port NICs) for around 50 Euro.