Reducing the vCenter memory – vCSA 5.5

An update for this post on how to minimize the memory requirements of the vCenter Server Appliance for release 5.5 was long overdue. Sorry for the delay, I was rather struggling with a pure IPv6 setup (and found out that the VMRC plugin as well as the Web Client break the whole thing – more on that soon).

Anyway, lets see what changed with V5.5 with regards to the memory requirements and JVM parameters. Amazingly quite a lot, but in a good way. Some of my recommendations are obsolete now since VMware changed the settings to more or less the same values I proposed. Must be a coincidence, of course. At least a nice confirmation that my settings were not that bad. 🙂

I had to update this post for vCSA 5.5 update 2 since the settings for the initial 5.5 release caused services to fail in 5.5U2. Overall, the memory requirements were significantly increased.

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IPv6 for the simple Debian based DNS server

The last post was about a simple DNS server installation using Debian / Raspbian and bind. I already mentioned that this approach has the advantage of greater flexibility and more features than the DNS functionality that may come with your NAS or router. Particularly regarding IPv6, and that is what we are going to add to the DNS server now. Continue reading

A simple Debian based DNS server

The setup of my homelab, especially the IPv6-only configuration I’m running right now, requires a DNS server. To me as a Unix guy it was obvious that this basic infrastructure service needs to be deployed in any case. But some discussions on Twitter and especially with William Lam and on his blog indicated that this may not be a no-brainer for those who are VMware followers, but not that familiar with DNS. William pointed out that DNS is not a hard requirement, and I appreciate he takes the time to describe how to run VMware products without a DNS server. I fully trust him that this is possible (if there’s one person I would trust on that than it’s him!). But for many reasons, including the official VMware vSphere documentation, I still suggest to deploy a DNS server even for small homelab or test environments. Particularly if you’re trying to get familiar with IPv6. Continue reading