2001:db8:1ab:: up & running

The lab is (slowly, I have to admit) turning into an IPv6 only configuration.The first question might be “why would somebody want to do that?” Well, because it’s interesting and the main reason to have a lab anyway. But besides that I think every company should do something like this right now, to test their services and hardware (!) for IPv6 readiness. Now.

The basic setup in my lab is working fine, which means the firewall configuration is done and the local DNS is set up. For a start I’ll be using static IPv6 addresses and keep Router Advertisements and DHCPv6 for later. The NAS box (Debian 7.2) is configured with four interfaces for storage, two in VLAN 24 for iSCSI and two in a LACP setup in VLAN 25 for NFS, everything in a dual stack setup. The Kickstart configuration and scripts are modified as well, although I suppose the PXE boot itself will have to stay with IPv4, there’s no support for IPv6 in the firmware.

The basics: the IPv6 lab configuration uses 2001:db8:1ab::/48. To keep things simple I re-use a lot of the naming and numbering conventions I used with the IPv4 setup. For example the association of address ranges and VLANs: with IPv4 the third octet corresponded to the VLAN number (i.e. 192.168.[VLAN].0/24). The IPv6 setup uses the address ranges 2001:db8:1ab:[VLAN]::/64. From an infrastructure design perspective this is absolutely not optimal, but for this lab environment and the intended documentation purposes it makes life a lot easier. For the purely internal communication the following networks are set up:

Network VLAN ID IP address range
Infrastructure O&M 16 2001:db8:1ab:16::/64
Storage 1 24 2001:db8:1ab:24::/64
Storage 2 25 2001:db8:1ab:25::/64
vMotion 26 2001:db8:1ab:26::/64
FT-logging 27 2001:db8:1ab:27::/64

The following administrative and workload related networks will be discussed later:

Network VLAN ID IP address range
Secure O&M 17 2001:db8:1ab:17::/64
Frontend O&M 18 2001:db8:1ab:18::/64
Frontend 32 2001:db8:1ab:32::/64
Backend 33 2001:db8:1ab:33::/64
Secure backend 34 2001:db8:1ab:34::/64

That’s it for now. Next post will be about the ESXi network configuration and the trouble of making the vCenter Server Appliance work in an IPv6 environment, even if that’s not supported…

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